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Easily and swiftly transform your SubRip (.srt) subtitle files into WebVTT (.vtt) format using Azahar's free online SRT subtitle converter. No need to go through the hassle of downloading and installing any external software on your computer. This convenient tool operates directly in your browser and is compatible with Windows, Mac (Apple), Linux, and mobile devices. Just upload your SubRip file and click the Convert SRT button to effortlessly complete the conversion process.

About SRT Format (SubRip)

The SubRip (SRT) format is widely used for subtitling and captioning, but it is considered a basic format.

SubRip files have the extension .srt and are supported by popular video players and media editing/recording software like VLC, KMPlayer, BS Player, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

A SubRip file consists of four main parts:

1. Subtitle Sequence Number: Each subtitle is assigned a sequential number, starting from 1.
2. Subtitle Start & End Timecodes: These indicate when the subtitle should appear and disappear on the screen. The timecodes are in the format hours:minutes: seconds, milliseconds (comma is used as the fractional separator).
3. Subtitle Text: This is the actual subtitle or caption.
4. Blank Line: This marks the end of a subtitle and the start of a new one.

SRT supports basic text formatting, similar to HTML tags:

- <b>...</b> for bold text
- <u>...</u> for underlined text
- <i>...</i> for italicized text
- <font color="[name>|#code]">...</font> for changing the font color
- X1:..., X2:..., Y1:..., Y2:... for specifying the line position or coordinates (placed after the timecodes)

How To Open an SRT File?

SRT (SubRip) files are easily accessible and can be edited using any text editor.

Please note that SRT files are specifically designed for text and cannot be directly converted into MP4 or MP3 formats. MP3 and MP4 formats are used for audio and video respectively, and cannot be converted to or from SRT format.


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