About Me

I'm Azahar Ahmed, A young Engineer / Entrepreneur / Digital Marketer / Motivational speaker from Nagaon, Assam (India). I'm the only son of my family who grew up in a middle-class family. My Father is a Teacher because of whom I'm here today. My mom is also a Teacher, but she left her school because of us. I shared almost everything with my mom like a best friend. They fulfill all my dreams till now like ideal parents.

I have lots of hobbies from childhood, among those, I'm going to mention a few of them are Plantation, Gardening, Feeding Birds & Animals, Fishing, etc.

I also like to watch movies, listing to music, reading & writing motivational quotes, building websites, reading books, watching motivational videos, etc.

My favorite food is Hyderabadi Biryani, But I also like Kashmiri pulao, chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, beef tandoori, pizzas, butter chicken masala, Butter chicken with naan & Dry fish.

When it comes to drinks, coffee takes first place in my menu, but I also prefer lemon tea, Milkshakes, Mango juice, Pineapple juice, strawberry juice, etc.

Azahar Ahmed