Base64 Encode

Base64 Encode

100% free tool to encode your data in Base64 format. This online Base64 Encode tool is quick and seamless.

About Base64 Encode Tool

Base64 encoding is a commonly used technique for representing binary data in ASCII text format. It is often used for transmitting data over channels that only support text, such as email or HTTP requests.

A Base64 encoder is a tool that takes binary data as input and produces Base64 encoded text as output. The output text consists of ASCII characters that represent the original binary data.

There are many Base64 encoder tools available online, both as standalone applications and as part of larger programming libraries. These tools typically allow users to input binary data in various formats, including files, byte arrays, and hexadecimal strings, and produce Base64 encoded output in various formats, including strings, files, and byte arrays.

Base64 encoding has some limitations, such as increasing the size of the data being transmitted and requiring a decoder on the receiving end to decode the Base64 encoded data back into its original binary form. However, it remains a useful technique for transmitting binary data over text-based channels.

How to use Base64 Encode

Input the data you want to encode into the box and click on encode. Your data will be automatically encoded instantly. 

For example, if you want to encode the following binary data:

CREATE TABLE  bindata_try (int_col integer, bin_col binaryvar)

INSERT INTO bindata_try values (1, '0101010011100110')
INSERT INTO bindata_try values (2, '1010010101001000

Just input it into the box and click on encode. You will get the result below:



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