Refund Policy

This is the refund policy for buyers for the listed oxwall product here " "

# You can't resell or distribute the item or any source code of this software at any cost or free.

# We Sprintally Solutions ( / ) ( [email protected] ) reserves the right to upgrade or not upgrade the products for future versions .

# One license can be used only in one domain name and we will only support one domain if the buyer has only one license and for an additional domain, the buyer must buy the second license for the second domain.

# Custom design or modifications are not free.

# We can't exchange your license for this product with any existing product.

# If you lost your oxwall account for any reason you will lose your license too automatically and we are not responsible for that.


# We do not support bugs generated by third-party plugins or for any modification under theme files or under core plugins.

# we do not support bugs generated by any CDN provider.

# you must allow us a minimum of 72 hrs to fix the issue if you find anything with core plugins only.


we can grant a full refund within 30 days if the above terms and conditions are met.

* We " Sprintally Solutions [ [email protected] ] reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions with or without prior notice anytime.

* Refund and license of the product will be canceled if you create any violation of the above Terms of Use.

* created : 28 / 08 / 2017 , 1:10 PM Nagaon - Assam ( India )

Azahar Ahmed

CEO / Co-Founder

I'm Azahar Ahmed, A young Engineer / Entrepreneur / Digital Marketer / Motivational speaker from Nagaon, Assam (India). I'm the only son of my family who grew up in a middle-class family. My Father is a Teacher because of whom I'm here today. My mom is also a Teacher, but she left her school because of us. I shared almost everything with my mom like a best friend. They fulfill all my dreams till now like ideal parents.

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