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Text to Slug

100% free tool to convert your text to slug instantly. Build SEO friendly slugs.

About Text to Slug Converter

Text to Slug Converter helps convert text into slugs instantly.

What is a slug?

A slug is an SEO-friendly part of a URL that usually describes what the page is about. In most cases, slugs are the same as the page/post title with a hyphen between words.

For example, if a page title is 'How to become a professional writer,' the Slug will be how-to-become-a-professional-writer.

So where will the Slug fit into a URL? Assuming the URL of the site is http://www.example.com. The Slug will usually fit into the last part of the URL like this: http://www.example.com/i-love-azahar.

How to use Text to Slug Converter

Input a text that you want to convert into a slug into the box and then click on convert. You will get the result instantly. For example, if you're going to convert the following into a slug:

i love azahar

Just input that into the box and click on convert; you will get this


Advantages of using Azahar Text to Slug Converter

  • Build SEO-friendly slugs
  • Convert texts to slug automatically
  • Saves time. Doing it manually might take more time.


Azahar Ahmed

CEO / Co-Founder

I am Azahar Ahmed, a youthful Engineer, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Motivational speaker native to Nagaon, Assam, India. Originating from a middle-class background, I am the sole son. My accomplishments are indebted to my father, a Teacher, and my mother, formerly a Teacher but now devoted to our well-being. My mother has been my closest ally, and unitedly, my parents have fostered and realized all my aspirations, epitomizing the perfect parents.

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