Flight attendants talked about their most unusual discoveries on the plane

Most unusual discoveries: Each of us, at least once in our life, accidentally left something in a taxi, bus, subway or train. But very often people forget things and Board the plane. So, for example, according...

The Gornaya Shoria megaliths: the construction of an ancient civilization and the natural object

The theme of megaliths in Gornaya Shoria very popular among bloggers, lovers of mysteries and historical sensations. The stories about these objects are often flavored with such epithets as...

Astrobiologist told and showed how he lives in Antarctica at a temperature of -80ºC

Cyprian Verso — scientist and astrobiologist working at the most remote research base in the world, the Concordia station in Antarctica. Even the ISS is 400 km above the Earth, closer to civilization than this...

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